[STEEL] Forum and ingame annoucements 17/12/2008

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[STEEL] Forum and ingame annoucements 17/12/2008

Post  Galadhrim88 on Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:44 am

Here are the announcements for 17/12/2008

- [STEEL] Forum has been updated, House of healing is replaced for Defensive battle reports, and added a new forum called, Offensive Battle reports

- [STEEL] has a new leader , sadly horsehorse left, Magicus1 will take his place!, Congratulate him on his new function, may his wisdom and courage lead us to total victory!, in the name of [STEEL]!!

I also want to use the announcement to say this
Cristmass, the best time of the year, is nearing us and [STEEL], i already want to wish everyone a happy cristmass and a good newyear!!
and do not worry, we know that there is not much time to play ikariam during these wonderfull days, we will ignore activity checks in your advantage Wink

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